Q: Which cell phones does Cell Funds accept?

A: Cell Funds accepts every brand of cell phone. However, to qualify for payment, a cell phone must power up, make a test call, and have an undamaged LCD screen. The phone should not be damaged beyond normal wear.

Phones that are “Recycle Only” do not qualify for payment because their value is what pays for the recycling.

Q: How much does Cell Funds pay for cell phones?

A: Please view the Price List.

Q: Which organizations can run a Cell Funds Drive?

A: Cell Funds was created to help any organization (school, church, youth group, choir, non-profit, business, club, etc.) raise money while protecting the environment. Individuals can also sign up to conduct a Cell Funds Drive.

Q: Do you accept accessories (earpieces, owner’s manuals, and chargers)?

A: Cell Funds accepts accessories. Please ask prospective donors for the earpieces, owner’s manuals, chargers, batteries, etc. They are recycled as well.

Batteries can be especially toxic to the environment.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of cell phones I have to ship?

A: No. Cell Funds will accept as few or as many phones as you can ship.

Q: What happens to the items after I ship them?

A: Cell Funds sorts and separates each shipment by model type and condition. Then, we send you an email that details your shipment by the same criteria. We list all units that qualified for payment and the exact amount of your Recovery Payout.

We also recycle broken phones, phone batteries, and the cardboard box you use for shipping.

Q: When will I receive the email detailing my order?

A: We require 3 to 5 business days to process your shipment after receipt.