Become a Cell Funds Services Partner to increase profits.

Grow your cell phone retail business. Get new clients and earn 15% commissions on referred clients for your preferred services.

The Cell Funds Partner Program is an extensive service provided to cell phone and tech retail stores, repair stores, computer stores, and anyone in the tech industry. Our program helps drive new business to your current clients and a channel of income that is able to increase your profit margins.

Connect with Customers

Partnering with Cell Funds offers the unique opportunity to connect with a diverse customer base. Not only will you be tapping into a market that values refurbished electronics, but you’ll also interact with environmentally conscious individuals and businesses who appreciate the importance of sustainable practices. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who value not just making a profit, but also making a difference.

Earn 15% Commission

As a partner, you stand to gain a 15% commission on every item that is purchased through your partnership with Cell Funds. This commission offers a significant opportunity to supplement your income, all while promoting an environmentally responsible cause. The more electronics you help reclaim, the more you earn. It’s a simple, straightforward way to make doing good also do well for your bottom line.

Offer extended Services

By joining the Cell Funds Partner Program, you can extend your service offerings to your customers. Not only can you sell them electronics, but now you can offer them a sustainable way to dispose of their outdated devices. This added service brings more value to your customer relationships, solidifying your reputation as a company that cares about both their needs and the health of the planet.


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