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Device Ownership Release Form

  • Cell Funds is dedicated to creating a positive impact by repurposing, recycling, and restoring value to used mobile devices. When you sell or donate your phone to us, it's crucial that you release the ownership of the device to ensure a smooth transition and protect your personal interests. By filling out this form, you'll be formally releasing the ownership and any liabilities of your device to Cell Funds, relinquishing any and all responsibilities to delete data, and any associated Apple or Google accounts.

  • Ownership Release Statement

    I, declare that our company, and/or organization is the legal owner of the mobile device detailed in the purchase or donation order. I hereby confirm the voluntary sale/donation of this device to Cell Funds. By signing below, I release all rights, claims, and interests over the device and acknowledge that from the date of signature, Cell Funds will be the rightful owner of the device.

    Data Erasure Statement

    I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to back up any data, photographs, apps, or other content on the device before selling or donating it to Cell Funds. I understand that Cell Funds will make every effort to erase all data from the device upon receipt, but I must ensure that all personal and sensitive data has been removed prior to submission.

    Warranty and Return Statement

    I understand that once the device is sold or donated to Cell Funds, I cannot claim any warranties, returns, or any other rights associated with the device. All previous warranties or service agreements associated with this device are voided upon the sale/donation to Cell Funds.

    Thank you for choosing Cell Funds. Your contribution helps give new life to used devices, reduces e-waste, and promotes a sustainable future. If you have any questions regarding this form or the process, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

  • Device Owner Release

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