TRANSACTION ACCEPTANCE POLICY: Cell Funds will pay the maximum allowable recovery payout as outlined in our Price List, or buyback quote and is dependent on the condition of submitted equipment. Any shipment or drop-off of equipment to Cell Funds confirms acceptance of our offering, including pricing, terms and conditions effective on the date of submission.

SUBMISSIONS: Equipment submitted becomes the sole property of Cell Funds upon receipt by any Cell Funds facility. No equipment will be returned to the submitting party under any circumstances. Cell Funds liability for submitted equipment is limited to payment according to our published Pricing List effective on the date of submission; payment due 30 days after submission receipt.

CONDITIONS: 1) Cell Funds reserves the sole right to determine the condition of all equipment submitted and subsequent valuation for payment according to our published Pricing List. Equipment must be fully functional, power up and make a call to qualify for a recovery payout unless Cell Funds agrees in advance and in writing to an exception for specific shipments. Submitted equipment that is “Recycle Only” does not qualify for a recovery payout. 2) The submitting party is responsible for deactivating service with their wireless provider. Cell Funds has no liability for any charges, fees or taxes associated with the active use or misuse of any submitted device at any time. 3) No payments will be made for any device determined to be stolen or otherwise fraudulently obtained for submission to Cell Funds. 4) The submission of accessories, such as chargers, owner’s manual, removable memory, etc., will not change the valuation of a specific device. Accessories are submitted on a “Recycle Only” basis. Cell Funds offers no valuation or payments for accessories. 5) You must be 18 years of age to submit equipment to Cell Funds. No submissions will be accepted from minors.

DATA PRIVACY: All data on submitted equipment is destroyed in the refurbishment or recycling process. This is a bulk process, and requests to recover any data from a specific device cannot be honored. Cell Funds will make no attempt to recover data from submitted equipment, and accepts no liability for data or lost data on submitted devices under any circumstances.

SHIPMENT: Cell Funds is not responsible for phones that are lost or damaged during shipment.

PAYMENT: Payment to the submitting party will be due 30 days after equipment receipt. All payments made by check will be to the submitting individual, company or organization at the address of record. Requests to change payment information must be made prior to check issuance by the submitting individual or an authorized representative of a submitting company or organization. The submitting party is solely responsible for keeping their payment information current and correct. Cell Funds is not responsible for misdirected payments, and will charge a $20.00 (US) fee to reissue a check.

PRICING: Pricing is subject to change without notice. Customers may request a current pricing sheet by calling: (866) 874-6759.