4 Unique Fundraising Ideas

You’ve seen it before – the sugary bake sales, the kids selling magazines, or even the boring coin collection box. These fundraising tactics are all noteworthy and do indeed work, but are so common that they are easy to disregard. Honing in on a unique way to raise funds will pique interests and help bring in more cash.

Cell Phone Donations

It is easy to overlook, but many people unintentionally hoard their old and unused mobile phones. If you set up a time and place for people in your organization, place of worship, or community to donate their cell phones, you will be doing them a service by helping them dispose of their old phones. At the same time you will be collecting devices that can very well be resold for a profit, or be parted out and sold to repair shops for a profit.


Hold a raffle! Find a valued item you can raffle off, like a laptop, bicycle, or mp3 player. Sell raffle tickets for a specific price and raffle off your prized item.

Ditch a Registry

A new trend that is surfacing is newly weds ditching the registry and opting for a request for monetary donations to go towards their favorite charity. This is a great new way to raise funds for your cause. You can also apply this for birthdays, housewarmings, or any party where guests typically bring gifts.

Game Night

Make a fun night out of it and host a board game night! Provide your guests with classic board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble, or play a game of Charades. Have a suggested donation amount at the door for those who want to participate.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring. Consider these 4 unique options, or think of your own original twist to raise funds for your cause!

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