Donate Cell Phones And Save The Environment

Most people have a box of old electronics and cords sitting in the back of their closet. If you are like many people, this collection may include several old cell phones. Get those old phones out of there and donate cell phones while simultaneously saving the planet.

Recover Precious Resources

Donated used cell phones help recover precious resources like silver, palladium, gold, zinc, and platinum. When you donate your old cell phones, they will be recycled and salvaged for these specific materials. This lessens the impact on the Earth because less of these materials will have to be harvested for other cell phones.

Get Rid of Hazardous Materials

Cell phones contain valuable resources, but they also are culprits of holding hazardous things like mercury, arsenic, and lead. When you don’t donate your cell phones and just throw them in the trash, they end up in a land fill where these substances eventually pollute soil, air, and groundwater.

Save Energy

When you donate cell phones, you are also saving energy. One million recycled phones is enough saved energy to power 185 homes in the United States for an entire year! When old cell phones get recycled, it reduces the impact on the environment significantly. Powering homes requires precious fossil fuels like oil and gas. When you donate your old cell phones, you are doing your part to help the Earth hang onto its limited supply of resources.

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