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Cell Funds is an electronics and cell phone reclamation company that offers the highest buyback value on all items we purchase from our clients. Specializing in cell phone buyback and repair services, that we have proudly offered in California since 2005. Our reclamation services primary goal is to purchase working and reusable electronics that can be refurbished and resold to the secondary market. We recycle all non-reusable cell phones in an environmentally safe manner with an EPA certified facility.


Cell Funds offers individuals and businesses free reclamation and recycling solutions. Our Cell Funds collection programs and non profit partner programs can help you raise money for your organization. Learn more at our Cell Funds drive program. Cell Funds pays the maximum allowable recovery value for cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, PSP’s, Gameboys, and GPS units. Cell Funds utilizes only EPA certified recycling facilities and vendors to assist you in recycling your cell phone correctly.


Our team offers full cell phone repair and refurbishing services. From a broken screen, to the replacement of any parts within your cell phone. Bringing in you cell phone to our local repair center in Sherman Oaks, California. We also accept mail ins, please visit our repair portal to find out the cost associated with the repair of your smart phone or cell phone.


Need help figuring out what Cell Funds can do for you? Our reclamation agents are always ready to help.

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American Association For Lost Children, Inc. (AAFLC) is an international Christian 501(c)(3) charitable organization that actively finds and rescues missing children. Through hands-on investigations, AAFLC conducts physical searches for and rescues of missing children throughout the United States as well as in other countries.

Our mission is to provide services to find and rescue missing children through:

– Spending hours, days, weeks, and months performing surveillance and physical searches of missing children;

– Traveling in and outside the country doing undercover work;

– Providing searching parents counseling, encouragement and general knowledge of legal procedure involved in the recovery of their child;

– Provide Missing Child Rescue services at no cost to Searching Parents.

AAFLC Rescue Teams, staff and volunteers offer children and families the emotional, physical and spiritual support they need. Our goal is to provide compassion and dedicated service to find and rescue more missing children.

In our 24th year of public charitable work, AAFLC has successfully rescued well over 175 missing children (all US citizens) throughout the United States as well as Germany, Lebanon, Mexico and South Korea. Our commitment to rescuing more missing children is unwavering.

Going Green is in, and this is your chance to participate and make a difference in a child’s life through the donation of any of your used cell phones!

Cell Funds and AAFLC have teamed up to bring you the Official AAFLC Cell Phone Drive to provide you with a recycling solution for used cell phones and to make it possible to raise money for this amazing and worthy cause.

Your donation will help raise funds for American Association For Lost Children.

Anyone can participate and even businesses can help out! For your participation you will receive a tax deduction for your cell phone donation.

So please collect any your new, used, broken or defective cell phones and donate them to AAFLC, if you have 10 or more phones Cell Funds will provide you with a Free shipping label and a Free pickup for your used cell phones.

Please contact Cell Funds if you have any questions in regards to this AAFLC Cell Phone Drive at 1(866) 874-6759

7 Ways to Help AAFLC

Step 1:Collect all your working new, used, broken or defective cell phones

Step 2: Contact Cell Funds for your Free Shipping Label and Pickup

Step 3: Package your phones in a cardboard box

Step 4: Print your Free FedEx shipping label

Step 5: Ship your recycled phones with a Free FedEx Pickup

Step 6: Collect your Tax Deduction Receipt

Step 7: Please keep helping by donating or volunteering directly with AAFLC.

  • Cell Funds is dedicated to creating a positive impact by repurposing, recycling, and restoring value to used mobile devices. When you sell or donate your phone to us, it's crucial that you release the ownership of the device to ensure a smooth transition and protect your personal interests. By filling out this form, you'll be formally releasing the ownership and any liabilities of your device to Cell Funds, relinquishing any and all responsibilities to delete data, and any associated Apple or Google accounts.

  • Ownership Release Statement

    I, declare that our company, and/or organization is the legal owner of the mobile device detailed in the purchase or donation order. I hereby confirm the voluntary sale/donation of this device to Cell Funds. By signing below, I release all rights, claims, and interests over the device and acknowledge that from the date of signature, Cell Funds will be the rightful owner of the device.

    Data Erasure Statement

    I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to back up any data, photographs, apps, or other content on the device before selling or donating it to Cell Funds. I understand that Cell Funds will make every effort to erase all data from the device upon receipt, but I must ensure that all personal and sensitive data has been removed prior to submission.

    Warranty and Return Statement

    I understand that once the device is sold or donated to Cell Funds, I cannot claim any warranties, returns, or any other rights associated with the device. All previous warranties or service agreements associated with this device are voided upon the sale/donation to Cell Funds.

    Thank you for choosing Cell Funds. Your contribution helps give new life to used devices, reduces e-waste, and promotes a sustainable future. If you have any questions regarding this form or the process, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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